Sample Programming Challenge

The program judge is first loaded with the challenge pane showing. The description of the problem to be solved by your program along with a sample input and output is given.

Click on the answer button. The program judge will switch to a pane where you can type or upload your source code. Paste the code given below as the answer to see what a successful run looks like. Enter a name (whatever you like) in the author field and then press the Send Solution button.

#include <stdio.h>

    printf("CSE1233 ");
    printf("Computer Programming with C");

    return 0;

NOTE: The return 0; statement is important. If it is omitted the program judge will give a runtime error (NZEC) message which means that the program terminated with a non-zero exit code.

After successfully submitting the program try changing the code to see what other error messages you receive from the program judge.

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